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September 15, 2017


I did theatre from when I was about four until I was nineteen, with my focus being on acting (mostly when I was little) and costume design and construction.  I spent four years--fifth grade through freshman year in high school--helping run a mini theatre company with my friends, and five years--all of high school and one year of college--being heavily involved in my school's theater department and immersing myself into that life.  I was good.  I was excellent.  And I had decided that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.


However, I changed my mind.  That whole time I had thought that because I was good at all that theatre stuff, I was obligated to make it my career.  Clearly, that was not the case, and when I had broken down and moved back home from Oregon, I realized that I didn't want to be a part of that world anymore.


There's still that costumer in me, though.  I highly doubt that it will ever go away, that part that makes me create elaborate Halloween costumes, dress up at every opportunity, help my friends and family dress up at every opportunity, nitpick about historical accuracy and character development at the movies and the theater, and, lately, obsessively working on my LARP character's costume and armor and accessories and weapons and and and--

I think that it's taken me a while (probably too long) to learn to love any part of me, but I'm finding that this is an area where I can successfully say, "Huh.  Not bad."


(And Halloween is next month so gird your loins ladies and gentlemen!!)


 Example:  My mother as a Versailles-esque performer.  Perhaps she played a the romantic lead.  (For a 45-min prep time, I was pretty pleased.)




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